Creating the right massage for each Client, every time.

I was asked the other day, by a potential client, “which of your clients benefit from massage the most?” My answer was all of them in their own way.

You see, massage is very personal. What is great for one client, like deep tissue, might be too much or not enough pressure for another.

When new clients come into the office, we like to sit with them and really talk about what they are hoping to achieve from their experience on the massage table.

Each of the types of massage I and my partner have used and learned over the years come into play when we listen carefully to our clients needs. We will adapt and mold the massage from those experiences to produce a massage tailored to that particular massage client for that day. Every time they come in, the massage will vary based on that day’s need. Yes, it will flow from what we learned about them in the previous session. Yes, there will most likely be similar techniques used to continue the treatment we started. But, a good therapist uses all their tools to provide the best massage they can, and the most important tool is to listen, really listen to the client. They know their body best. One of our jobs is to help them listen to what their body is trying to tell them and then create a massage that will assist their body in healing itself.

Have a great day and remember to really listen 🙂

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